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You can now talk to thousands of people. RoboCall will deliver a pre-recorded automated voice message to each of their telephones.

Broadcast thousands of voice messages simultaneously and receive immediate feedback. Automated Voice Messaging has proven itself over and over again as one of the most cost effective, efficient and engaging means of bulk messaging. Schedule campaigns that deliver voice messages, request feedback via the phone keypad.

RoboCall can be used for information broadcasts, lead generation, market research, customer feedback, opt outs and voice message feedback.

What is the success rate?

With RoboCall we have doubled the productivity of Debt Collectors. This will allow you to do double the work load with the same staff compliment. Depending on the campaign we get a success rate of between 4% and 15% positive feedback. We return full reports on all numbers dialled. Included in the report is contactability and VoiceMail.

RoboCalls are more successful than SMS campaigns because the called party will not incur any cost to reply to the message.

What is the cost?

RoboCall is billed at 35c for 20 second intervals. A typical RoboCall message is approximately 15 seconds.

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