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At Dedago, there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping customers solve business issues through effective use of technology. We specialize in helping companies gain a competitive advantage by being more efficient, gaining a crystal-clear view of their business, and mitigating technology risks.


Let us handle all of the complexities so you can focus on your core business.

Our team’s diverse expertise and experience means that you are quickly up and running with solutions that meet your needs.


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  • BulkSMS
    March, 2015  Lowest SMS Rates in South-Africa 16 cents per SMS (ex-Vat)
  • Least Cost Routing
    August 01, 2013  From the first of March we’ve been supplying all our clients with the new lower Inter Connect rates for their Least Cost Routing Solution – VERY HOT !!! 
  • Website Launched
    August, 2013  As you can see we launched our new site, which now serves as an online environment for all our existing and prospective new clients as a simplified solution to find information on all our products and services as well as new technologies.
  • localprovider.co.za
    August, 2013  Now Linked to dedago.com
  • RoboCalling

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Towards the Future

At Dedago we continuously add new technologies and implement new simplified business solutions to ensure our clients keep up with all the standards in the industry.